An open letter to advertisers | December 1, 2020

Broadcasting a big lie is costly: it will cost hundreds of thousands of lives this winter, it may cost the democratic equality that Black voters have sought for generations, and it could cost the United States our place as the world’s longest-running democracy.

It is not being done on a shoestring budget.

It is brought to you by advertisers who pay the bills for news broadcasters and web sites including One America News Network (OAN), Newsmax, and Breitbart, which deliberately amplify claims they know are made up.

Responsible businesses do not donate money to extremists. Neither should they buy air time in broadcasts they know are untrue, by broadcasters who know what they are saying is made up and threatens public health and democracy.

We are calling on advertisers to shut the big lie down, before more lives are lost because of disinformation about masks and COVID-19, and before more Americans turn on one another over made-up grievances.

When you know that they know they’re making it up, it’s time to stop cutting them checks. It’s time to cut them off. It’s time to start helping to save lives.

Please shut it down, while you still can. Stop the big lie.